USS ENTERPRISE CV-6 in action during 1944-1945. Scale 1:200.


Very large and difficult paper model (KIT) of USS Enterprise CV-6. There are two air groups with 15 sheets of various airplanes (6 squadrons totally): Air Group 20 (Helldivers VB-20; Hellcats VF-20; Hellcats VF(N)-78; Avengers VT-20 air squadrons) and Night Air Group 90 (Hellcats VF(N)-90; Avengers VT(N)-90 air squadrons). Air squadrons have a different color scheme in action 1944-1945: PHILIPPINE ISLANDS RAIDS, LUZON INVASION, TOKYO RAIDS, IWO JIMA, OKINAWA.

The model legth is about 50 inches (126 cm). Scale 1:200.  Paper size A3. Photo printed version of the KIT: 30 diagrams; 14 sheets of frame parts; 47 sheets of color parts. The model painted in Navy Blue 5N. Work discription in English.

Also you can buy laser cut frames additionally.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 430 × 320 × 50 cm


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